Mystery Pix

About Us

We are Mystery Pix, a top performing attraction and event photography company established in 2002. We are able to offer ride, front gate, green screen, old time photography and much more. The services we offer can be found in theme parks, water parks and other attractions around the country.

Our unparalleled expertise in souvenir photo concessions and our ability to integrate seamlessly in the venues we operate in help us generate remarkable revenue while still maintaining first class guest service.

Our System:

Revenue with No Risk: We pay our venues a percentage of our gross sales on a monthly basis while providing all the necessary equipment and staff. This results in no costs and pure profit for our venues.

Management of Operations:

Our highest level managers are often seen in our venues working side-by-side with our employees and venue operators. We are firm believers that training and development in combination with consistent coaching of our employees is the most important thing in our company's success. The stronger our people are the stronger we are as a company. In addition, we put great effort into building positive working relationships with our staff as well as our venue partners.

Quality of Merchandise:

Your venue will be well represented by our quality merchandise. We offer a variety of products onsite as well as online. We use custom art on our products that people will display in their homes or offices. This adds an unique benefit. Your guests' memory becomes free advertising for your venues. In fact, it is advertising that you get paid for.

Successful and Effective Sales Approach:

Over a decade in this business has made it possible for us to acquire the knowledge to manage the best photography concessions in the industry. Our sales and per caps at all of our locations have been consistently higher than our competitors, with increases year after year.