Mystery Pix

Some of Our Services

Ride Photography

We provide the ability to automate high resolution photo capture for any subjects - from ski lifts to the fastest coasters in the world! Using our proprietary software, we use high speed digital cameras with moving parts (which means less chance for failure) and high power flashes to ensure a beautiful picture is taken every time.

Front Gate Photography

We snap quick shots of the guests as they enter the venue and provide them with numbered tickets to view their photos. Guests are then given the option to purchase their photos in a number of different formats, all showcasing your venue's logo or graphics which we can help you design.

Green Screen Photography

We provide the ability to capture the guests against a green screen and then drop them in any scene we have created with you automatically. We can even offer multiple scenes with the highest quality color keying available.

Old Time Photography

We offer the unique experience for guests to get dressed up and be placed in scenes from a time gone by. We only use the highest quality costumes and sets. Once their images are captured, we offer a variety of color and photo paper options for their photos to be printed on.